Manoeuvre Short-Range Air Defence with unique capabilities

Closer to the frontline

NOMADS - National Manoeuvre Air Defence System

Developed for the Norwegian Army, the new air defence system represents a groundbreaking innovation within its segment.

This highly mobile, ground-based air defence system is designed to protect the Army's manoeuvre units close to the frontline against increasingly complex aerial threats.

With capabilities unmatched by any existing system, it is tailor-made to address both current and future challenges.

"For the Army to effectively engage high-tech adversaries, modern air defence systems are essential. Air defence plays a pivotal role in our strategic defence plans for Norway.”
General Eirik Kristoffersen, Norwegian Chief of Defence (Photo: Torbjørn Kjosvold/Forsvaret)

A world premiere

Unmatched capabilities

“We know that the capability this new system represents is in demand internationally,” says Hans Christian Hagen, Vice President Business Development for Air and Coastal Defence Systems at KONGSBERG.

"Our expectations are high for the reception of the air defence system both during and after the exhibition. We hope that the market launch will lead to inquiries from additional nations," he says.

Trustworthy collaboration: a prerequisite for success

In an era where the demands on defence technology and products are ever-increasing, collaboration in their development has become paramount. Throughout this project, maintaining robust and close dialogue has been instrumental in achieving its success. The Armed Forces, serving as both the customer and end-user, have not only provided specific operational requirements but also offered valuable insights into the deployment scenarios for the new air defence system.

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