The hiring of entrepreneur and enthusiast Fredrik Grøslie a year ago had several purposes. Internal competence development at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) was part of it, but in parallel to this was the intention to facilitate a significant contribution to the local community.

With his dedication and knowledge, Grøslie has been a driving force in establishing the e-sports center “Stoll” in Kongsberg's old cinema; a three-party collaboration between KONGSBERG/KDA, the municipality, and the local sports teams KIF and Skrim, who are collaborating on such a project for the first time. This initiative has revitalized Kongsberg's old building called “the lemon squeezer" by the local community, due to its appearance, and now offers important leisure activities for children and young people. 

"We hired Fredrik in our department to create digital training packages with gamification and to contribute to the establishment and operation of the E-sports center 'Stoll,'" says Jan Helge Strøm, Business Support Programs. "And there is little doubt that Fredrik is a proactive individual who makes things happen," he says with a smile.

With an education in game design and as one of the founders behind the former E-sports center 'King of the Hill,' the 32-year-old brings valuable expertise and experience to KDA and the establishment of 'Stoll.' Not to mention his ability to engage children and youth.

"One of the most important aspects of this establishment is to create an inclusive environment where youth can develop both technologically and socially," says Fredrik enthusiastically.

He doesn't hide the fact that juggling his dual role is challenging, especially during the establishment and start-up of the new center, where there are so many things to be put in place.

Not least, there are many considerations to take when occupying a venerable old building like the "lemon squeezer", or the old cinema.

"Stoll" offers everything from low-threshold activities to structured training through the sports team KIF. With more than 50 regular members weekly, a long waiting list, and a goal to increase the number of members and include even more, financing and resources can be a challenge, as for most sports teams. The activities are limited by available space, equipment, and coaches, but efforts are being made to extend opening hours and include more volunteers to meet the demand. Especially, Grøslie calls for volunteer resources with relevant competence to assist in gaming training and developing the members.

To give the club predictability and a certain time horizon for establishment and profitable operation, KONGSBERG has therefore entered into a 3-year collaboration agreement with Stoll e-sport.

The Stoll premises are in the vestibule of the old cinema. Thursdays are open days, while Mondays focus on more structured training with coaches. The goal is to promote technological competence among the youth. This includes both hardware and software knowledge, as well as practical skills like PC building.

Coding with purpose

In the ever-changing landscape of modern technology, software development is about more than just coding. It is a finely tuned art that depends on the collaboration of different teams, all working to handle today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. 

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