Commisioning of INS Sandhayak

Saturday 3rd of February INS Sandhayak was commissioned at the Naval Dockyard in Viskhapatnam, by the Minister of Defence Mr. Rajnath Singh.

INS Sandhayak is the lead ship of her class of survey ships, a hydrographic survey ship built by GRSE for the Indian Navy, the first vessel out of four vessels where Kongsberg Discovery has a HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), including sensor payload, topside launch and ecovery and a command and control solution. The AUV is depth rated to a 1000m, and the use of the HUGIN AUV will augment the Indian Navy’s capabilities for coastal and deep-water hydrographic surveys to aid maritime operations and will act as a force multiplier.

The purchase, which also includes HiPAP 502 high-accuracy acoustic positioning and communication systems to support AUV operations, will be installed on the four Large Survey vessels currently in build for the Indian Navy.

The ships have a displacement of 3,300 tonnes and a length of 110 metres. The ships have a complement of 231 and are equipped with hydrographic sensor equipment and a hangar which can accommodate one advanced light helicopter.

The primary role of the vessels would be to conduct coastal and deep-water hydro-graphic survey of ports, navigational channels, Exclusive Economic Zones and collection of oceanographic data for defence. Their secondary role would be to perform search & rescue, ocean research and function as hospital ships for casualties.

“We are honoured to have successfully demonstrated the capability of the system to the Indian Navy and to have them as a returning customer for the HUGIN AUV system. Their new HUGIN AUV systems are configured for their needs today and tomorrow with a multi-role capability” says Stene Førsund, EVP Sales at Kongsberg Discovery.