Extended Fleet Care ™ service solution

We take full responsibility for your KONGSBERG equipment’s reliability and performance.

Partnership for goals

The success of your operations is our top priority, and supporting you in your daily endeavours and making sure that your equipment performs as expected, our main mission. The Extended Fleet Care ™ (EFC) service solution reflects our customer support philosophy. Through this tailored service programme, we take a full responsibility for your equipment’s long-term reliability and performance. This innovative and proactive approach to support our customers’ Kongsberg Maritime (KM) products and systems essentially relies on a complete OEM commitment, close collaboration and long-term anticipation and preparation.

Full commitment

We mobilise all our service capabilities to safeguard your vessel’s continuous operations and to get it back to service within a minimised timescale in the event of downtime caused by a KM equipment. Together with our customer, the dedicated EFC management team will define the ideal project scope to optimally meet your requirements and needs. In addition to 24/7 technical support, global availability of field service engineers, regular maintenance activities, programme-long equipment warranties, dedicated project management and a single point of contact responsible for the efficient cooperation between all parties and follow-up of the project, the programme can include:

  • Equipment condition monitoring systems
  • Remote trouble-shooting and support services
  • Digital solutions (Vessel Insight)
  • Thruster Support Pool (TSP) and other exchange programmes
  • Customer training online, on-site or at a KM facility


We handle greater risks to help you reduce yours. The EFC solution is aimed to address and reduce the risks of unexpected breakdowns and resulting downtime and budgetary impact. If your vessel is out of operation due to the failure of a KM-supplied component, a penalty fee will be paid based on the fixed hourly rate specifically determined for your vessel in order to compensate losses in operating time.

Long-term visibility

The programme generates a high level of visibility over the long-term operational cost of your systems due to early maintenance planning and greater preparation. A fixed hourly rate based on the operational profile of your vessel is defined and enables us to provide an optimised, 5- to 15-year support solution adapted to your business needs. Data-based dynamic maintenance planning will further ensure long-term predictability. This way, we are able to help you keep the lifecycle costs of your equipment to a minimum while securing your asset’s performance.

Up to 15-year equipment warranties

Your equipment is covered by our OEM warranties for the entire duration of the programme, which can be anything from 5 to 15 years upon agreement. Tailored to your needs We tailor-make our service packages with essential services to suit your specific requirements. Following close concertation and agreement, you will only benefit from the support you ask for, without being bounded to subscribe to unnecessary or unsuited services

At KONGSBERG, we are truly committed to guaranteeing the performance of your vessel by making sure that your KM products and systems perform optimally and continuously throughout their service life. Through the Extended Fleet Care programme, our customers benefit from world-class OEM support for the complete, through-life care of their KM equipment and get a clear vision of all lifecycle- and maintenance-related expenses.

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