Kongsberg Hydrodynamic Research Centre

Over 80 years of testing, research, and design on the hydrodynamics of propellers, waterjets, and hulls

Kongsberg Maritime is the only marine engineering company with in-house hydrodynamic research and testing facilities – the Hydrodynamic Research Centre (HRC). Established in 1942, the HRC is comprised of engineers and hydrodynamicists. We uniquely combine computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and cavitation tunnel testing to deliver unmatched hydrodynamic solutions and designs that reduce fuel consumption and emissions on any vessel project, new build or refit. 

Why we lead in hydrodynamic research

  • We have over 80 years of data on a range of projects, so we can provide data-driven guidance on new projects for quicker completion

  • Our hydrodynamicists work closely with product and sales managers for research that directly answers client needs

  • We have years of experience handling highly restricted naval projects for top tier blue water navies

  • We work with maritime universities and research institutes, including the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF, one of Europe's largest research institutes

  • We use cavitation tunnels to physically verify computer simulations, a unique ability for solving complex hydrodynamic challenges

See the Hydrodynamic Research Centre

Find out how our global team of hydrodynamic experts solve key challenges for improved efficiency, reduced noise, and better seakeeping and manoeuvrability.

Our services and solutions

We provide a range of hydrodynamic tests and services for our clients, ensuring the highest quality standards on hull and propulsion efficiency for fuel savings, noise reduction, and reduced Opex. 

FAQs: Propeller Design and Cavitation

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