Your partner in offshore wind farm vessels & lifecycle support

We provide the global offshore wind industry with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that improve the safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of advanced marine operations throughout the wind farm lifecycle. Our unrivalled domain knowledge, digital solutions, and operational technologies make us the trusted partner of choice.

Our strengths, your benefits

  • More than 50 years experience in offshore energy
  • Pioneering technology for complex offshore operations
  • Lifecycle support for offshore wind farms
  • Unrivalled domain knowledge and in-house competence
  • Investments in new ship designs for floating offshore wind
  • Proven solutions to widen operational weather windows and accelerate schedules

Delivering value across the lifecycle of offshore wind farms

We provide technologies, solutions, and support critical to the success of offshore wind farms, backed by 50 years of experience in offshore operations

We support each phase of wind farm development

We bring unrivalled expertise and vessel support across the four distinct phases of an offshore wind farm’s life cycle:

Your business partner in offshore wind development

More than a technology partner; we are your business partner in the development of offshore wind farms. We can help in unexpected ways thanks to our decades of experience in offshore vessel design and advanced operating solutions:

  • Unique testing, simulation, and verification capability, in house
  • We are a systems integrator with full data ownership and control
  • We have unrivalled domain knowledge across the entire value chain
  • We have the industry's broadest product portfolio
  • We enable safety, efficiency, and dependability - safeguarding your license to operate sustainably

50 years of experience in offshore energy

Kongsberg Maritime has provided engineering solutions and specialised vessel designs for the offshore energy market for 50 years, covering the world's major markets. 

That experience, plus the enormous amount of data gathered in these operations, can help wind farm developers and vessel operators reduce costs over the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm project. 

That data also gives us the ability to test new vessel designs, systems, and equipment, quickly and effectively. And, our experience will help turn the floating wind farm from the future promise of today into the modern solution of tomorrow.

    Finding answers for floating wind

    • The potential in offshore floating wind farms is enormous, but the technical challenges are daunting. We are developing the maritime solutions that will help make floating wind farms financially feasible: 

      • Our design work benefits from 50 years of offshore energy experience and data gathering
      • Our offshore energy teams have researched the physical demands and requirements for offshore floating wind installation vessels
      • We have already introduced two new offshore vessel designs with patented solutions geared for the operational demands of floating offshore wind

    New vessel designs geared for floating wind farms

    Our new Anchor Handler Vessel design has a patented cross-tensioning system that can better handle the stresses of offshore wind farm installation

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