What we offer

At KONGSBERG we offer an inspiring, safe work-environment and the possibility to work with sustainable and exciting solutions for the future with world-class colleagues. 

We are proud to have a working environment that scores high when measured against the working environments of some of the best technology companies worldwide.

Working at KONGSBERG means working internationally. We have around 12,500 employees in more than 40 countries. That means that as an employee you get to cooperate with colleagues from different cultures and experience the world through your job.

We operate on a long-term and systematic basis to create a good and secure working environment for our employees. Being part of a safe and professional workplace is greatly appreciated in business-life and helps to generate added value.

In addition to interesting tasks and a good working environment as well as five weeks holiday and flexible working hours, we offer many benefits for our employees.

Employee benefits

Development is important – be it professional or personal. In KONGSBERG we focus on both. You can be sure that your needs for new knowledge and competencies will be met.

As a new employee in KONGSBERG you will have your own “mentor” who will make sure that you receive the follow-up you need during the initial period. You will also take part in an introduction programme where you will learn more about KONGSBERG and how we work. We want to make it as easy for you as possible to become part of your new working environment.


You will discover that the best form of professional development takes place both on projects with colleagues and in contact with clients. We have a great belief in learning “on-the-job”, and already from your second working day you will be placed in a project group to start your training.

Competent colleagues are crucial, and some of our employees are among the world leaders in their field. We want knowledge sharing to be a natural part of our daily activities, and we therefore practise an “open-door policy” at the workplace. This means that if you have a challenge that you need to discuss, you are never far from a colleague who will help you with your problem.

If you need training in a new program or an updating of your knowledge, we run both internal and external courses. These can be subject-specific courses such as programming in C# or an updating in AutoCad, or more general courses such as those in the office package and language courses.
Employees who do a lot of international travelling, may also complete the course "Managing cultural challenges". In this course you will study issues such as cross-cultural behavior, communication and challenges.


KONGSBERG is growing steadily and aims to continue doing so – both in Norway and in the international arena. The majority of KONGSBERG’s customers are located outside Norway, and we have offices in more than 25 countries. This means that KONGSBERG’s employees have a great deal of contact with international co-workers on a daily basis.
Our philosophy is for employees to follow the product/project through all its phases. As a result they come into contact with international customers at many stages in the process, and also have opportunities for travel.

International assignments

KONGSBERG staffs its offices abroad in connection with management, conducting projects or training. As a KONGSBERG employee you will therefore have the chance of being seconded to one of our offices in other countries.


Leadership in KONGSBERG is about creating value. We believe that good leadership means achieving results through others. The key to success lies in the combination of good management and dedicated employees. Managers shall exercise their leadership based on our values, the Corporate Code of Ethics and leadership principles.