Health, safety and environment

Vision zero

We want our employees to be safe working at KONGSBERG. We want them safe back when travelling. Our vision is ZERO injuries and accidents for all parts of our business. The company will ensure that our working place is healthy and safe. Our employees should be proactive and collaborative and follow the rules and regulations. This way they’re contributing to the safety of themselves and their colleagues. HSE (Health Safety Environment) is a joint responsibility. A proactive and learning organisation lives our values and our HSE vision.

The foundation

We work every day to build a strong HSE culture, where each of us take responsibility for how we improve and perform. We should live and breathe the HSE culture as a natural part of our business. If employees see risks, they are encouraged to report them as a preventive means. The rule of thumb is to work together proactively so that the organisation can continuously strengthen our HSE culture.

What this means to our employees

All of our employees understand safety, know the responsibility and handle risk. We care for ourselves and each other. We get involved in the safety of the department or project, and think safety for ourselves and colleagues when travelling. We use "Stop work" for unsafe work activities, report openly, share information and learn from events. We actively search for hazard signals and take proactive action. The output is a continuously improved and safer working environment.