Ignite your future

Are you student or graduate with a bright mind eager to be part of a world-class environment of innovation and technology? Look no further – we are on the lookout for individuals like you!

We are relentless in our pursuit of improvements, new ideas, and groundbreaking solutions. As a student or graduate, you have various opportunities to join our team and be part of an exciting environment where the brightest minds collaborate to exchange knowledge and create cutting-edge solutions.

When you start your journey with KONGSBERG, you'll receive a sponsor – a dedicated colleague to guide you and answer your questions, ensuring a smooth start to your career here.

We take pride in championing diversity as a driving force for success. Embracing different perspectives is not just good; it's essential for our continuous growth. Our people, the cornerstone of our strength, play a key role in developing innovative technology for the future. Fostering inclusion and diversity is at the heart of our commitment to bringing out the best in our employees.

To achieve sustainable innovations, we recognize the importance of a diverse pool of talent. Embracing unique voices from diverse communities is integral to our commitment to sustainability. In the face of escalating challenges like climate change, collaboration becomes more crucial than ever to create a resilient world.

At KONGSBERG, we actively seek everyone's voices, encouraging a full range of insights and ideas to address the ongoing climate emergency. Innovation is a key enabler in this pursuit. With a legacy of over 200 years as an industrial pioneer, we continually redefine standards and push the boundaries of what is possible.

As creators and deliverers of high-technological solutions, we cater to those operating in challenging conditions – oceans, deep subsea, defense, and space. Our commitment is unwavering, shaping the future through innovation, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of world-class status in all that we do.

Join us, where your bright mind can contribute to shaping a future of innovation and excellence!

Summer Interns

Do you want a taste of the KONGSBERG experience? As a summer intern you get to work on some of our most exciting projects with cutting-edge technology.

Your Extreme

Since 2013, KONGSBERG has arranged the student competition Your Extreme. This is a 48-hour case competition, where groups of 2-5 students work on solving a hypothetical future scenario where sustainability and technology are at the core of the problem.

Industry Master Programmes

Along with several other enterprises in the city of Kongsberg, University College of Southeast Norway (USN) and the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE), KONGSBERG has developed several master's degree program in that includes a company placement.